Furniture Winning Study Room Tips to Choose the Right Chair for Studying

Tips to Choose the Right Chair for Studying


Choosing the Right Chair for Studying?

When choosing and buying furniture, many people forget about how important the chair is, which you will use during your studies. After all, any student can spend 3, 4, or 5 hours sitting at a desk, so comfort and ergonomics are something that cannot be ignored. Because it is better to remember about your convenience on your own than your back, lower back, or carpal tunnel will force you to do it.

Undoubtedly, many students are familiar with the feeling when they get up from their workplace and feel relieved, but this is not due to the fact that studying is a burden for them. Very often, it’s all about the torment chair they’re sitting on. Let’s look at the main parameters of a quality chair, what to consider when choosing and how not to make a mistake.

Types of chairs

You will not find a large number of varieties and classifications. Firstly, there are chairs for children and mature. When choosing a work chair for a child and teenager, you need to be especially careful because it is thanks to him that the foundations of posture are laid, and the right chair can help get rid of many potential back problems and visits to the doctor. Secondly, they can be office chairs, that are, for work and study, or gaming. The ideal option for your child would be to combine the characteristics of such a chair, as everyone is aware that the child will not only study at the computer but also most likely spend a sufficient amount of time playing video games.

And thirdly, these are ordinary chairs, and those that were created taking into account the advice of orthopedists or the laws of ergonomics. When creating the first ones, all the power was given to the designers, and the main factor that was taken into account was the way it looked; for sure, you have come across such chairs. Sometimes, when visiting someone or coming to work with parents or friends, you sit down and understand that such a chair can only be offered to unwanted guests. As you understand, you can sit on such a chair for a maximum of 10-15 minutes; it is unsuitable for constant study. While orthopedic chairs seem to be designed for your comfort, they provide convenience and comfort while also putting minimal stress on your health. And taking into account modern design achievements, they can be not only comfortable but also beautiful and stylish.

Where to find the perfect chair

Most likely, you will not be able to find the perfect chair in the usual online furniture store or offline store. You may need to visit a specialty store, so it’s important to read and look for reviews. Like any student during their studies who decides to apply, for example, to a writing service, you should read the opinions of others about the product or product you have chosen. After all, if you read online class help reviews, then you are unlikely to contact this service. Therefore, do not be lazy and look for customer reviews on the chair model you have chosen.

General requirements

To summarize, your chair must be able to lift and swivel, you must be able to adjust the angle of the seat and back, and each of the parameters must be conveniently adjusted independently of the others, and the back must be securely fixed. The surface of the chair should be semi-soft and non-slip, breathable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean.


At first glance, this may not seem like such an important issue, but given that a good computer chair will not be inexpensive, it is important to consider the upholstery material. After all, even if the chair retains its ergonomic characteristics, few people want to sit on a frayed chair.

Leather is a great material, and there’s probably no need to pay special attention to its positive aspects and why so many people prefer it. It looks expensive and beautiful, but if you are not the head of some large international company, then you should probably opt for a simpler eco-friendly material. For example, eco-leather can be a great alternative. It is as soft and pleasant to the touch as usual, but at the same time, not a single animal was harmed in the manufacture of your interior element. Modern fabrics on a natural basis (such as cotton) or impregnated with Teflon will not only give a feeling of coziness and comfort but will make it possible to choose any color that suits the interior but will not be subject to wear and tear.

Wheels, armrests, crosspiece

Wheels should not only be strong but should not scratch the floor. Most people buy chairs with plastic wheels as they are a affordable option. But the best would be to purchase a chair with metal wheels with a rubber coating. The chair base can be plastic, but you can also consider wood or metal options, as these are more durable materials. The main requirement for armrests should be that they must be adjustable in height. The armrests are designed to support the person when they stand up or sit down. If the elbows rest on the armrests, then the shoulders may be in an unnaturally elevated position. Armrests should not restrict forward movement, resting on the table. If you are uncomfortable, just remove them if you have customized the chair for yourself, and your desk is too high, and it is impossible to reduce its height, in this matter, it is better to adjust the height of the chair and use a footrest so that they do not hang.

Seat Requirements

The shape of the back and headrest should be anatomically correct and follow the contours of our body, reducing the load in each of the sections of our spine. If your body is in a natural position while sitting, you will not experience problems with lung function, digestion, and headaches. Sitting should help our coccyx get rid of excessive load, as well as ensure proper blood circulation so that stagnant processes do not occur. In any matter, do not forget about the need to get up and do exercises.

The design of the chair should provide the following: seat surface should have a rounded front edge; height adjustment of the seat surface within 400 – 550 mm and tilt angles forward up to 15 degrees and backward up to 5 degrees; width and depth of the seat surface should not be less than 400 mm; the height of the supporting surface of the backrest should be 300 + -20 mm, the width – at least 380 mm, and the radius of curvature of the horizontal plane – 400 mm; fixed or removable armrests with a length of at least 250 mm and a width of 50 – 70 mm; adjustment of the armrests in height above the seat within 230 + -30 mm and the internal distance between the armrests within 350 -500 mm.

I think everyone will agree that a good chair is the basis of a comfortable study and it is worth the money to spend on it. If a chair does not suit you in any way, then you should not choose it, even if the price seems attractive.

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