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Idea to Choose the Color of Your Front Door

Choosing Your Front Door Color

The entrance door gives a certain style to the exterior of the house or apartment. The correct design of such an element is very important because the door should harmoniously fit into the overall interior or exterior.

It is better to give preference to modern designs with current color solutions. One of the options is white wooden front doors. To understand what color to paint the front door, you need to check how harmonious it will look.

Points for Choosing the Color of The Front Door

The modern market is ready to provide a mass of offers and you can find designs that will look harmonious in a particular matter. Before how to pick a front door color, you need to know what options are the most popular right now.

While manufacturing different models, some trends are taken into consideration by the producers. The information regarding the most popular colors will help you to determine what color should I paint my front door.


Dark brown

It is usually a solid wood door, which is a classic and can be used in any interior/exterior. Almost every manufacturer is ready to offer designs made of natural wooden boards or affordable materials but painted to match the color of the wood.

Red cherry

This design is more often chosen by modern and bold homeowners. It fits perfectly into a stylish bright interior and makes the overall look more interesting. Depending on the brightness and saturation of the shade, you can emphasize the door in contrast to the wall or softly and harmoniously “merge” it into the exterior.

Neutral palette

It is suitable if you want to hide the opening as much as possible and make the whole wall in one tone. You don’t have to fantasize about the shades – you just need to paint the leaf in a suitable color or buy a ready-made one with a similar shade. Choosing a color for the front door is not difficult, you just need to imagine how it will look in the end.


This solution will suit those who want to dilute the exterior with something bright and cheerful. Sunny yellow will look beautiful against a dull and inconspicuous wall. This shade has one disadvantage – it gets dirty quickly, so you will have to make sure there are no dirty spots.


This solution creates a richly colored picture, looks expensive and very spectacular. This tone is often chosen for modern homes. The door in the color of mahogany harmonizes with other shades.


This tone is rich in various shades, which allows the imagination to run wild. You can use a calm pale version of green and make the door look more restrained. It is possible to choose a bright and saturated shade of succulent grass and refresh the interior in this way.


A very soft and pleasant tone that will look harmonious against any facade. Here it is only necessary to adjust the saturation of the shade – from softer to more saturated. It will look especially beautiful against white or gray walls.


This tone is most suitable for unusual people. It will stand out favorably against the background of duller palettes. If you successfully combine this color with others, it will turn out very stylish and modern.


Picking the front door color can be classic black. It will suit absolutely any interior/exterior. Black is a very practical color, it does not require constant care.


The classic of the genre is the white wooden front doors. You can use black or a brighter tone for the frame. The white leaf is the most susceptible to contamination, which provides additional worries about regular cleaning of the door. Before you choose the door color white, you need to think carefully.

Trendy Colors for The Front Door

When designing an entrance door, specialists take practicality as the basis. Trends in the design of openings in private houses and apartments are the same, so there is no need to look for a leaf according to the type of housing.

Installation of an overly wide leaf is quite popular now. For an apartment, this idea may not always be convenient, but for a private home – it is the most appropriate. It looks stylish and original.

Such a door can be made in a modern way, or it can be with wrought iron canopies and resemble the entrance to an ancient castle. But you should keep in mind that the whole house should be held in this style so that the overall look was harmonious.

Another trend is the combination of different materials and textures. For example, combine materials such as wood, glass, metal, and carbon fiber, and create unique models that will look stylish and original.

Contrast is one of the most interesting trends, which allows you to make the door special and make it stand out from the others. You don’t have to install a new door leaf to do this – you can paint the old one in any entry door color.

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